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Whether you are running a start-up or multinational organization, there is always scope to optimize your processes and reinvigorate your teams. In Tech-Led Culture, Duena Blomstrom highlights how you can discover the new innovations and technologies that can lead to meaningful and lasting change in your business. This book provides you with the insights, knowledge and confidence you need to improve your performance and ensure that your business thrives and grows in the increasingly innovative and competitive landscape. Employees and teams are more disengaged and fragmented than ever; get ahead of the competition and attract new talent by becoming the exception. Tech-Led Culture is an essential companion for any leader or changemaker looking to implement and sustain change initiatives within their business which will lead to more productivity, greater innovation and better performance.

TechLedCulture by Duena Blomstrom Book Cover

Businesses across all sectors now realise that, if they intend on staying competitive in the 21st century, then they must embrace new innovative technologies and methodologies such as AI, automation, digital platforms and Agile. But when too much focus is placed on digital transformation, teams within the organization become overlooked – the uniquely human benefits that arise from a well-functioning, collaborative team become neglected, and the employees themselves become unmotivated and overly dependent upon the quantifiable benefits of technology.

People Before Tech ( prequel to techledculture) by Duena Blomstrom Cover

Banking is under threat. Despite access to fast-paced technology known as FinTech, an antiquated business model and internal organizational paralysis do not allow for the creation of a truly beloved brand and are stifling change. To survive and thrive when their competition is catching up, banks must understand the principles behind Emotional Banking—a cultural change concept that brings the consumer to the center of rethinking banking products and delivery.

Emotional Banking by Duena Blomstrom Book Cover,  Duena's first book
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