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Fixed Term Success Based Engagement

CCO + Human Work Software

My CV attached here or on LinkedIn shows what I have done, and it should show that over the past 25 years, I have spent time in Product, Innovation, and Tech before finding a home in FinTech but leaving it and moving into DevOps a few years back when I noticed the glaring cultural, emotional and HumanDebt™ need of tech companies. I split my time between speaking and teaching about Agile and HR and the teams that fall in between them caught in the leadership, EQ and lack of engagement crisis in the workplace, I write books and articles and give my expert opinion on the topic but I’m not an Ivory Tower theoretician but a doer who likes to get her hands dirty and see awesome outcomes. So a couple of days a week, I’m still Chief Team Officer for the start-up I founded that builds software for team wellbeing called PeopleNotTech.


This year I have decided to use the time I previously spent writing to roll up some other cultural winners. I believe that getting to a healthy and highly competitive culture that sustains high growth for a tech company is a “simple” case of focusing on teams, people’s happiness, Google’s Aristotle findings and most importantly: obsessing with Psychological Safety. I can help you use this belief to quickly build what could take you years or forever on your own.


I will completely revamp and future-proof your tech org in a specific amount of time. If you’re a company that has made tech fast but hit a wall. If you were ahead for a long time but now it doesn’t look like you’re going as quickly with as strong of a tech org. If you’re just about to grow up to a scale-up or you’re eyeing an IPO and you know that your culture, while functional or even fun, is not something that would stack up if compared point by point to a healthy unicorn. 

While yes, I have “written the book on it” as I have studied the theme of teams dynamics, Psychological Safety and well-being in particular in technical environments in all of my past books such as “People Before Tech” and the upcoming “Tech Led Culture” but I don’t believe I have developed some consulting-heavy-jargon-ridden special secret methodology beyond a combination between my inability to be PC, “professional”, devoid of foul language or corporate-fakeness ability so what I bring to the table is:

Writing on Glass


Clarity on “fluffy topics” that could have taken you years to clarify with your current HR organization


A precise action plan to become competitive in terms of people and culture in record time hinging on Google's Aristotle and Psychlogical Safety


A proprietary method of interviews and data collection predicated on being super real that achieves much faster results


A proven method, algorithm and software to test data on the elements that make teams high performing - flexibility, resilience, learning, emotional engagement, courage, openness, organisational attitude, collaboration appetite, satisfaction with remote work, and above all psychological safety


Success-based cultural transformation with tangible outcomes


A proprietary method of interviews predicated on being super real that achieves much faster results + a Playbook of Team Interventions crowdsourced from successful users


Someone who has “seen it all” in the field as I am still going to continue as Chief Product Officer and Teams’ Happiness Responsible person in my organisation PeopleNotTech so I will be “in the trenches as well” in a non-competitive but cutting edge DevOps tech enterprise


A non-neurotypical brain with an Agile fetish, a track record of winning awards and making massive things happen fast and a conviction that DevOps culture means more heart, more self-awareness, more empathy and more time to do the HumanWork

How you and I will accomplish this together:

A tried and tested action plan, the inspiring leadership to implement it and the software to enable the HumanWork and the newly designed Tech-Led-Data-Culture of Happy, Psychologically Safe and High-Performing Teams

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Let’s Work Together to Build the Next Netflix

Make awesome software happily. Save the world. Win all the things. 

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