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Flash EQ and Servant Leadership Masterclass for Modern Leaders

 Held by one of the foremost authorities on the topic of EQ, Agility, Servant Leadership and High Performing Teams - Duena Blomstrom - Author of “Emotional Banking”, “People Before Tech: The Importance of Psychological Safety and Teamwork in the Digital Age” and the upcoming “Tech-Led Culture”, Duena is the author of the “Human Debt” concept and is advising the world’s top executives and companies on their people strategy. She is an international keynote speaker, top technology influencer with over 250.000 followers, and the co-founder of PeopleNotTech, a company offering a human work platform that increases EQ and the Well-being of Teams.

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About the Masterclass

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: 8 executives min - 12 executives max

Format: 1 hr condensed learning and knowledge share + 1 hr practical hands-on tests and exercises

Fee: On Demand

Where: Small workshop room for in-person events. For online events, Zoom option available


In today’s world of fast technology, volatility and ambiguity the workplace changed. Most of what we do has to be fast and it has to be Agile. Antiquated leadership styles that were relying on command and control are no longer fit for purpose in particular as now employees are rarely in the office where managers can have a line of sight and micromanage. Instead, leading is all about empathy, kindness, positivity and a genuine need to help.


Enter “servant leadership” defined as the type of inspirational leadership that galvanises people around purpose and helps them be happier and more efficient by removing their blockers and nurturing their well-being. This is not an easy shift and it is a tall ask of any manager that spent most of their career in a different reality so leaders find themselves unequipped.


The main skill that is missing is having a high EQ. “EI” is defined as Emotional Intelligence - the ability people have to understand their emotions and the emotions of others. Just as theoretical intelligence is characterised by IQ, so is emotional intelligence characterised by EQ and leaders in particular must do all they can to get a higher score so that it aids them in the pursuit of becoming a servant leader.


This masterclass will offer participants a good theoretical stand to start on the EQ work alongside a series of hacks and tips for instantly increasing their empathy, their communication abilities and their capability as a servant leader in the Agile environment of the future.


For those interested, this masterclass includes a diploma of certification signed by Duena.



  • What are emotions and what role do they have at work?

  • Recognising internal triggers and increasing self-awareness;

  • Recognising emotions in others;

  • Increasing our capacity for compassion;

  • Expressing Empathy;

  • Mirroring;

  • Moving from self-awareness to team awareness;

  • Conversational turn-taking and radical candour;

  • Collectively reaffirming purpose;

  • Recognising team dynamics and understanding Psychological Safety;

    Increasing Psychological Safety for the team (INCLUDES FREE use of PNT’s Dashboard for up to 3 months for up to 3 leadership teams)

  • Gaining and demonstrating organisational permission for the human work;

  • Avoiding impression management;

  • Creating a no-blame culture for all

  • “Become a champion of flexibility, WFA and performance” exercise;

  • Breathing and mindfulness;

  • “Put yourself in my shoes” exercises;

  • Vulnerability practice;

  • Removing blockers for your teams;

  • Breaking organisational silos;

  • Self-care;

  • Asking for genuine feedback;

  • Servant Leadership transformational tips and best practices;

  • Communication techniques in the hybrid world;

  • Virtual 1-on-1s and radical honesty;

  • Setting up the team for success - the Human Work

Topics covered
Image by Tim Gouw
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"Every conference, study and article tells us we ought to have more soft skills and we have to create a new workplace alternative but nothing really helps us put it in practice and most of us may not like to admit it but don’t know where to even start! I left this masterclass with a lot of practical knowledge, a clear understanding of what all emotions are and a lot more confidence that I can be the leader my team deserves”

 Johan, COO Telecommunications Company

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