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Duena Blomstrom

Author of “Emotional Banking”, “People Before Tech: The Importance of Psychological Safety and Teamwork in the Digital Age” and the upcoming book “Tech-Led Culture”, Duena is the author of the “Human Debt” concept and is advising the world’s top executives and companies on their people strategy. She is an international keynote speaker, top technology influencer with over 250,000 followers and 122,000 newsletter subscribers, and the co-founder of TechLedCulture and PeopleNotTech, companies offering a human work platform that increases the Psychological Safety, EQ, performance and well-being of Teams and the method to implement it and see your Human Debt lower or never start.

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Emotional Banking and the Imperative for Change

Duena is a passionate advocate for change in the banking industry in this digital world and talks about Agile in Banking, the FinTech innovation ecosystem and future trends. Another topic close to her heart is "Emotional Banking™ " and the way financial institutions can create delightful "Money Moments " aka experiences for their customers.



Tech-Led Culture

As the title of Duena's upcoming book reads, she believes Agile has changed the face of the workplace. In the book, she explores how technology has ushered in a new era of need for collaboration and genuine human connection. Duena is bullish about the importance of servant leadership, outcomes-based work, and Psychologically Safe, autonomous, happy and high-performing teams. She talks about modern leadership for techies, about the need to distribute the "Human Work" to the edges - the teams, and about how paradoxically, it will be Agile techies themselves who will tip the balance towards humanity at work once they decide to razor in on Continous Human Improvement as part of DevOps Culture so that they lower the HumanDebt™ that holds them from building the tech they are after.  



HumanDebt™ and the New Workplace Paradigm

People are what matters, not Process or Technology. Engagement, productivity, retention, employee happiness and performance, experience, flow, teaming, teaming, generative cultures, Google's Project Aristotle and above all the importance of Psychological Safety are all being explored here alongside current themes such as "quiet quitting"; "hybrid work"; "flexibility" and "the Great Resignation' in an age where AI will "replace" all but our humanity.


CHRO of Pharmaceuticals

"Always new, engaging, fresh and thought-provoking content"

Corporate Leadership Retreat Organiser

"We pride ourselves on having the most engaging superstar speakers at our annual event and we are very glad to have chosen Ms Blomstrom to lead our forum twice over the past few years"

CTO of Software Development Company

"NOT ONE BORED attendee! That was our goal, that we all stay engaged with the ideas behind HumanDebt so we have enough knowledge to make a difference"
Duena Blomstrom and other global influencers

Head of Content for Major Tech Yearly Summit

"Both Duena and her team have been a dream to work with! Clear and timing communication, ultra-low-maintenance, schedule-aware and greatly prepped! Looking forward to another one."

Head of Learning and Development of Retail Bank

"Our board had executive-briefing-fatigue and a blind spot around the human side of Agile so we brought Duena in and she has given them the equivalent of a degree in a matter of hours. We've since changed many things for the better and they were all featured in Duena's masterclass!”

Keynote Speakers Engagement Manager

"It always is such a relief working with speakers who both care about leaving an impact on the audience and know their craft. I can't wait to work together again soon."
Engaged Audiences listening to Duena Blomstrom


Working With the Best

A list of famous clients Duena Worked for
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